What We Do


Thousands of celebrities have completed our special questionnaire and registered with us for advertising and commercial work giving us their personal contact details and personal preferences. This data is held on our unique Celebrity Information Database and enables us to match the right Talent to the right campaign at the right price. Our database also contains press cuttings of any negative publicity about a celebrity so that our clients can be made aware of any “skeletons in the closet” before any contracts are signed. If you are dealing directly with an agent for a celebrity are they likely to draw your attention to any negative reports about their client?

During recent years the Celebrity Agent has evolved into a network of specialist divisions strategically assembled to service the unique needs of the advertising and marketing and PR industries. We can even arrange for the use of images of dead celebrities.

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We consult with our clients in the Advertising, Marketing and PR industry to identify the celebrity or personality with the strongest appeal to the target market who will deliver the best possible results at the most economical cost for any proposed celebrity led advertising or endorsement campaign.

We give our clients unlimited ideas and suggestions completely FREE of charge. We will contact the appropriate celebrity, personality musician, comedian, speaker or Hollywood star by the method they have requested to negotiate the best terms on behalf of our client.

We prepare, issue and negotiate a water-tight contract to bind and protect both the client and the celebrity. We deal with the payment of deposits and arrange for the collection of subsequent contractual payments.

We make all the necessary arrangements for the travel and attendance of the  selected celebrity at the studio or other venue and supervise whatever activity is called for under the contract.

We are one of the most experienced and reliable publicists in the country for any commercial activity concerning any type of celebrity.