Who We Are

NEVER BEFORE has the consumer been so aware of, or responsive to, celebrity led advertising and endorsements.

NEVER BEFORE has there existed so many TV channels, websites and alternative media such as YouTube, eager to carry these compulsive and persuasive messages, as well as celebrity gossip about them.

NEVER BEFORE has demand for celebrity involvement in all forms of advertising been higher, or more cost effective. According to Campaign Magazine over 22% of all TV advertising utilise a celebrity endorsement in vision and over 30% include a celebrity voice over. Not surprising then that statistics prove that advertising including a celebrity out-perform 2-1 those without.

The Celebrity Agent has been at the heart of celebrity led advertising in Europe and the USA for over 25 years and is uniquely qualified to place accurate priced endorsement proposals directly into the hands of the appropriate decision makers. We have evolved over this period into a number of specialist departments dealing with a wide range of services specifically designed for the advertising, marketing and PR industries. With offices situated in key international locations we provide an essential conduit between major talent and the important corporate market.

Visit our international websites:

United States of America – Los Angeles: www.celebrityus.com

United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi. www.celebrity.ae

Monte Carlo, Monaco: www.celebrityplc.com

During the past 25 years the Celebrity Agent has been responsible for generating literally thousands of celebrity led advertising and endorsements contracts. These include British and foreign TV, print, poster campaigns, websites and corporate videos. As a result, advertising agencies worldwide are increasingly seeking to benefit from our extensive experience and advice on which celebrities to approach and how to cost the various elements of these endorsement contracts.

To our knowledge, no other agency has our experience, or has been as successful in matching the right celebrity to the right campaign at the right fee for so many years.